16 Fascinated Facts about “THE DISNEYLAND”

A Theme park refers towards a group of multiple entertainment, rides and relevant other attractive elements. The theme must possess some thought provoking idea that could fascinate the people after they got the understanding of it. These parks usually have a fixed location, unlikely to the funfairs and carnivals that usually change their locations around the city.
Disneyland is supposed as one of the earliest yet the biggest theme park that was constructed under the supervision of the person who had actually dreamt the idea, Mr Walt Disney. The construction took a year to get completed and it was opened for the public on July 17, 1955 IN Anaheim, California. Later in the years, the idea got expanded and there comes out few more Disneyland parks in other parts of the world as well. Last year, the Park has celebrated their 60th Anniversary. In the opening ceremony, the statement made by Mr Walt Disney showed his dedication towards the project:

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savour the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world”
Here are listed 16 craziest and the interesting facts about Disneyland;
1. An Apartment:
Mr Walt Disney used to live in the apartment built above the fire station. The light is still ON in his memory and it never goes off.

2. The Address:
The Address of the Anaheim Disneyland California is marked as “1313 3 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim.” The 13th letter shows the letter “M”, which comes on 13th rank in the alphabets therefore, the address is like, MM” which makes it Mickey Mouses’ House.
3. The Attractions:
At the time of opening, the park had 18 attractions only and from them 14 are still running in the park.

4. The Hidden World:
The park that the world sees is actually the secondary world built upon the primary world. There is a complete and yet the hidden behind constructed beneath the ground for the workers so that they can move from place to place at ease. It was also built for the ambulances in case of emergency.

5. Gold Trimmings:
The ride which is named as, “It’s a Small World” are made up real 22 karat gold.

6. The Haunted Mansion:
It is claimed that the haunted mansion has 999 ghosts in it.

7. Pirate of the Caribbean:
The skull and skeleton arranged in the mansion as props, were original in the earlier times but later, they all were replaced with the cardboards. However, there is still an original one attached at the headboard. During the ride, one could see 3 Jack Sparrows, among of them one could be real because Johnny Depp visits the park on occasion and dressed the same for fun.

8. The Sleeping Beauty Castle:
There is a time capsule buried beneath the Sleeping Beauty castle in 1955, with the aim to open it on the 80th Anniversary of Disneyland Park that is on July 17, 2035. The drawbridge is constructed with the functionality. It can be raised and lowered down as well.

9.The Matterhorn:
The Matterhorn is considered as one the first and the most fascinating tabular roller coaster in the World.

10. The Opening Year:
The annual attendance in the opening year of Disneyland Park was recorded as 3.6 million individuals. The first ticket as booked by the brother of Mr Walter Disney, Roy O. Disney. The park sold their millionth ticket within two months after the opening. The park serves around 16 million individuals round the year.

11. The Most Living and the Shortest Living Attraction:
The longest living attraction is the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in the whole world as it had been carrying around a third of a billion since the time of his opening in 1967. However, the shorted living ride on the park lasted within two years after its debut because of the least attendants.
12. The Cinderella’s Castle:
The Most expensive Souvenir worth $37,500 is the miniature crystalized solid model of the Cinderella’s Castle. The model is set with around 28,000 Swarovski crystals and is still waiting to get drained.

13. The Highest Priced Attraction: 
The ride, “The Space Mountain” is the highest priced ride in the whole Disneyland worth expensive than the whole Disneyland park is itself. It is a wonderful indoor roller coaster. It was built in 1977 with a cost of $20,000,000. However, the whole Disneyland was constructed with the cost of $17,000,000 in 1955.

14. Corner Curbs:
Have you ever noticed, there are no corner curbs in the whole Disneyland? Every corner is round figured in itself
15. Disney Jail:
Although the Park is considered as the happiest place on the whole planet but there is a Disney Jail inside the Park which is rarely come in use to treat with the disruptive individuals.

16. Expenditures:
Since the time of its opening till the 60t6h anniversary of the park, it has claimed that the average guests’ expenditure has raised up to 8000 percent.
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