25 Captures with a Concept

Photography is not just a game or a hobby. There is a whole science behind. The only desire of clicks is that they are to be taken on perfect timings.  The art is also referred as a “Science of creating Durable Images.” The science requires a whole and sole study of camera, lens, focus, lights, shadows, reflections, and similar other relevant things. With this fastest progressing world, the science is also transformed into a professional art, whose demand is getting increasingly higher.  Apart from study, the respective science of photography has generated an industry. The industry is rapidly growing   Photography is categorized into several other fields giving employment opportunities and welcoming the passionate individuals of photography with open arms. Some categorization of photography are described as:

  • Fashion Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Conceptual Photography

Apart from them, there are some other definite kinds of photography as well. However, in the article, I have described only the conceptual photography. Here are some of the finest conceptual photos that will let you forget to take the breath for the nest few seconds.

1)     Fiery Clouds:

2)     The Red Dance Underwater:

3)     A Giggling Flip:

4)     Shark in the Sunset:

5)     The Nature’s Transparency:

6)     Snow White Siberia:

7)     The Blue Fire:

8)     Upside-down Humpback Whale:

9)     The Splashy Hit:

10)     Making Time Impossible:

11)     My Passion:

12)     Time to Take OFF:

13)     Frozen Forest:

14)     Sky High Dubai:

15)     Let’s Jump:

16)     When the Clouds Surrounds You:

17)     The Strike:

18)     The Red Horn:

19)     The Season of Falling Leaves:

20)     The Drowning Sun:

21)     Smoky Evening:

22)     Click beyond the Limits:

23)     Golden Wave:

24)     A Lonely Dark Morning:

25)     Up in the Air:

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