7 times Old has proven as Gold

Oliver Goldsmith once said, “I love everything that is old, old friends, old times, old manners, old books, and old wine”. The statement is nothing wrong. Although the recent twenty first century has proven as an evolution towards everything because the century has brought drastic changes in each and every sector of human life and yet in the society as well. But there are some things that get better in terms of quality as they grow old. Here is given a list of those items that becomes better with the changes in time.
1. Wine
The quality of wine gets increasingly better as with the changes in time. Older wine gives a soothing taste. It has been observed when the wine is put for storage, several chemical reactions occur between the sugar, acids and other elements, changing its colour and aroma making it tastier.

2. Wood
A study has claimed that if you are repairing your house then one must give preference to older wood for the repairing purpose. Older wood refers towards those virgin forest where the woods grow through a natural process. The trees in such forest grow with a slower process because of the limited lights. This slower process makes their rings tightly packed together proving beneficial or them.

3. Books
Older books are found to be the best for the book lovers and readers. The older books have been observed as containing the essence of fiction, literature, philosophy, history and every other subjects.

4. Coins
The value of coins increasingly better as the time passes. It is said that if you have a box of coins then the next time you open it, its value gets more than the time you have checked it. Several events costs in the increasingly value of the coins. First, it happens because of the preciousness of metals, secondly because of the designs, the older designs are now attracting the coin’s collectors more towards itself.



5. Vintage Cars
Vintage cars are always considered as a good yet an elegance taste towards the automobiles. Although these cars have gone obsolete in terms of manufacturing unless you have placed an order in the company. The car was earlier introduced in 1919. Their elegant designs and powerful engines makes the car lovers and collectors enthusiastic.

6. Perfumes
Most of us even don’t remember but the perfumes that were used by the grand parents were supposed to be possessing everlasting fragrance. Even I have experienced one of them in my Grandmother’s shelf. Although tastes regarding the scents and fragrances have changed very much but there are some perfumes that should be revived in the market back.

7. Friends
Who can deny with the fact that the friends are the best things in everyone’s life. The friendship is like a wine which gets better and become the best as it gets older with the times. The memories we made with our friends and especially with the older friends are supposed as a treasure, which cannot be replaced by any other means.


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