9 Magical Towns Around The World To Revel Christmas

There are cities. Modern, sophisticated, cities where people are busy in their hectic lives. And then there are towns. Small, quaint, beautiful towns where there is peace in abundance and people living their quiet lives, surrounded by Mother Nature. These towns have their own beauty and charm which can never be replicated in a city. Below is a list of towns where you will enjoy a most unique Christmas time in your life.

1. Reine, Norway in Christmas:
Reine, Norway is a quaint little fishing village with an estimated population of just 300. It is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can have a truly spectacular Christmas here by camping under the stars or hiking the mountain Reinebringen which will offer you a magnificent view of the island chain. The lake, the mountains, the whole scene is just too perfect to have your Christmas here.

2. Bled, Slovenia in Christmas:
Bled, Slovenia has to be one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. The town is famously known for the glacial Lake Bled which is a major tourist attraction spot. Then there is the Castle Bled too, located on a rock overlooking the lake. The town of Bled is guaranteed to offer you a magical Christmas time with its picturesque scenery all around.

3. Colmar, France in Christmas:
We wrote about quaint, peaceful little towns where you can be one with nature and celebrate Christmas. But now is the time to bring some energy to invigorate your Christmas spirit. There are few better places to spend Christmas than Colmar, a town in North Eastern France. Founded in 9th century, the town is especially known for its well preserved landmarks, buildings and museums. And believe us, when we say, their people know how to celebrate Christmas. In Colmar, Christmas time is spent in all its true glory and spirit, just as it should be. Carols, dances, shopping, music, and so many more activities that will never let you down even for a second.

4. Koziar, Pennsylvania in Christmas:
Koziar, Pennsylvania has a specialty of its own. The Koziar Christmas Villge, which has been a tradition carried out since 1948. With the spectacular lights on full display, Koziar is instantly transformed from a small town into a festive Christmas dream where all your kids’ dreams and fantasies can be fulfilled.

5. Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in Christmas:
Elkhart Lake lies between Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago. This town does not hold back when it comes to celebrating Christmas especially its Christmas market known as “Old World Christmas Market” which is modeled after the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany. The local resort offers a horse drawn carriage ride into the woods, the very picture of a Christmas fantasy. It is indeed a very beautiful place, overflowing with the Christmas zeal and spirit.

6. Leavenworth, Washington in Christmas:
Named as the Ultimate Holiday Town USA by A&E, the pictures above will show Leavenworth is indeed justified to have this title. In 2007, Good Morning America helped light up the town for the Christmas Holiday and the result was indeed stunning. Needless to say, this town should be in every travelers’ list of places to spend their Christmas.

7. Rovaniemi, Finland in Christmas:
Situated just north of the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is a city in the province of Lapland, Finland which is basically a winter wonderland. And like any winter wonderland, there is bound to be a theme on Santa Claus. You can even enroll in Elf’s School. And the highlight of this city? The Arctic Snow Hotel, a hotel constructed entirely from snow and ice. It also has hot tubs and saunas to balance against the freezing temperature. Talk about Fire and Ice.

8. North Pole, Alaska in Cristmas:
North Pole, Alaska is THE place to celebrate Christmas because it is the most obvious one. It is always Christmas here and holiday decorations are up every day all year around. Because this place is known for the home of Santa Claus, it has Santa Claus written in almost everything. But the truly wondrous spectacle is the North Pole Christmas in Ice Contest which attracts ice sculptors from all around the world. This is probably one of the best places to celebrate Christmas.

9. Breckenridge, Colorado in Christmas:
Our final stop is at Breckenridge, Colorado. A renowned ski town in itself, it is transformed into a gorgeous Victorian style Christmas town during the winter holidays. There are a lot of activities for travelers, like carriage rides, shopping, enjoying the beautiful nature, and others.


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