When you know Google is up to something, you can be sure it is something way out of the box. Of course, you have watched movies where there are automatic cars in a futuristic society. But it seems as if this isn’t just an imaginary concept. Google was actually working on building automatic cars and is now continuously upgrading the project. Below are some of the mind blowing features of Google Car.

So the first thing that comes to mind is, how does it operate? Obviously there are sensors. The Google Self Driving Car is equipped with radars, cameras and lasers with a 360 degree field of vision, designed to sense each and everything in every direction. According to Google, these cars have mastered the navigation system and the problems that might arose. The Lexus RX450 comes with a miniature tower on the roof that emits lasers to analyze the surrounding areas. If you thought that was cool, how about the fact that these cars also have a laser radar system and a laser based range finder that will enable the software to create a detailed 3D map of the area?

Of course there is the issue of safety measures? Who is there to make sure accidents don’t happen? A random cyclist suddenly overtakes you? What then? For this purpose, the engineers and software programmers have developed software models to analyze and predict situations and react accordingly to them. By using the data from thousands of real life situations, the Google Car can quickly respond to unexpected situations.

Another interesting and useful feature is the ability to read signs, even those STOP signs held by guards of schools. Although one might raise the issue that driverless cars would not be able to understand various scenarios, this is a great response to that argument. With this technology, Google Cars can analyze the urgency of the situation and will avoid any mishaps. Not only this, the car will automatically adjust its speed in accordance to a speed limit sign too. Although this particular feature is still being developed, initial tests have proven that it is a very useful tool in preventing accidents.

And then there is gesture recognizing technology. Engineers at Google are developing the car’s technology to recognize and understand human gestures and to act accordingly. Essentially, once you sit in the Car, you can do completely engross yourself in any activity you want. Be it reading, or working or sleeping or daydreaming, you can be completely relaxed and let the Car take care of your journey.


These are some of the amazing characteristics that Google Self Driving Car will have. Although yet to be released for mass production, legislation has been passed in four U.S states, which allow these cars to function.

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