Most Amazing & Adventurous Caves of the Universe

Whoever thinks that underworld is an extremely scary place to go, has never visited these majestic & glittering caves ever! They were created over thousands or millions of years ago. Some of these were formerly hidden under natural wonders which are finally revealing their beauty to those who always thought heaven was someplace above.

There could be no sight quite as breathtaking as a deep dark cave system. They always provide us the quivers, enchant us, make us wonder but never forget to respect them strictly. Nobody wants to get lost in Earth’s soul and never see the day light again.

Our planet has a huge number of dreamlike places with beautiful waterfalls, forests and mountains. However, in this article, I wanted to gather more mysterious caves, but found these more attractive on pinterest. Caves are the most pleasing and peaceful spots of the world where darkness meets the light coming from the surface. If you are a tourist or photographer then you must visit these caves. Below you can find the most stunning caves of the world, and I hope they will leave you breathless.

Khao Luang Caves, Phetchaburi (Phetburi), Thailand – Source


Gupteshwor Shiva Cave, Pokhara, Nepal – Source


Miner’s Castle Cave, Munising, Michigan – Source


French Spring-Happy Canyon, UT – Source


Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia – Source


Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska – Source


Tropfsteinhöhlen Cave, Austria – Source


Ice Cave Inside a Volcano, Russia – Source


Hand Carved Cave, Abiquiu, New Mexico


Škocjan Caves, Slovenia. How can anyone deny there is a divine creator!? What an amazing God we have!:

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia – Source


Illuminated Cave, Okinawa, Japan – Source


Crystal Cave, East Coast of Iceland – Source


The Glowworm Caves, New Zealand – Source


Fire Cave, Lake Baikal, Russia – Source


Ice cave, Los Glaciers National Park, Argentina – Source


Ice Cave, Bayfield, Wisconsin – Source


Largest Cave in the World – Source


Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria – Source


Dobšinská Ice Cave, Slovakia – Source