Paris – A City of Love

Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France. The Seine and the bridges that cross it, the grand boulevards, the monumental squares, the magnificent monuments and the charming streets of Montmartre. These images of Paris assure that it is indeed the most elegant and sophisticated of all cities of France. It has inspired practically every major world capital, with every city claiming its own Champs-Elysèes, and Place des Vosges becoming the prototype of residential squares throughout Europe. Sit at an outdoor café table or go on a boat tour of the Seine and see it all romantically flash before your eyes. Paris is the best place to go on a honeymoon as it is usually considered as a city of love. Whenever you get a chance to go to Paris, make sure to visit all these places.

Gorgeous view of Paris & Eiffel tower from Arc De Triomphe:

Gorgeous view of Paris & Eiffel tower from Arc De Triomphe – Source


Louvre Museum, Paris, France - These are some good ideas of places

Louvre Museum, Paris – Source


Eiffel Tower - France - Paris, France - PARIS is always a good IDEA!!!:

Eiffel Tower, Paris – Source


Rue Des Thermopyles:

Rue Des Thermopyles – Source


Arc de Triomphe, Paris. I saw this in the winter of 1986 sometime after Christmas, there.:

Arc De Triomphe, Paris – Source


Love-Locks Bridge, Paris, France. Couples that have found the loves of their lives take a lock, lock it on the fence, and throw the key in the river. Cant wait to do this with my man someday <3:

Love-Locks Bridge, Paris – Source


Weekend Edit:

Distant View of Eiffel Tower, Paris – Source


I want to move to France for a few months to learn French through my environment. It can happen:

Beautiful View of Eiffel Tower, Paris – Source


An early morning along the Seine in Paris.:

Seine in Paris – Source


Paris Opera House - Palais Garnier - Grand Foyer

Paris Opera House – Palais Garnier, Paris – Source


Moulin Rouge, Paris. Ruffles, feathers, beads, sparkles, pearls, diamonds, satin, lace. All the things girls love.:

Moulin Rouge, Paris – Source


The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral a must in the city of love.

The Notre Dame De Paris – Source


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Night View of Eiffel Tower, Paris – Source


Everything is a bit more magical at christmas. Todo es un poco más mágica a navidad.

Everything is a Bit More Magical at Christmas in Paris – Source


La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, quartier de Montmartre, Paris:

Quartier De Montmartre, Paris – Source


The Oval Room, the reading room of The National Library of France - Paris:

The Oval Room of The National Library of France, Paris – Source


Alexander Bridge, Paris, France:

Alexander Bridge, Paris – Source


40 Boulevard Haussmann.. Métro Chaussée D'Antin:

40 Boulevard Haussmann, Métro Chaussée D’Antin, Paris – Source


Along the banks of the Seine:

Along the banks of the Seine, Paris – Source


Le Maison Rose, Montmartre. Bonjour!

Le Maison Rose, Montmartre, Paris – Source


Ice skating in Paris, Grand Palais.:

Ice Skating in Paris – Source


Tuileries, Paris Leandro Toledo via Juliana Guimarães onto Beautiful Places:

Tuileries, Paris – Source


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Le Pochard Near Eiffel Tower, Paris – Source


Sainte-Chapelle (inside the), Paris. Begun some time after 1239 and consecrated on the 26th of April 1248, the Sainte-Chapelle is considered among the highest achievements of the Rayonnant period of Gothic architecture. Although damaged during the French revolution and heavily restored in the 19th century, it retains one of the most extensive in-situ collections of 13th century stained glass anywhere in the world.:

Sainte-Chapelle (Inside View), Paris – Source


One of the jewels of Paris:

Passage Panoramas, Paris – Source


Passage des Panoramas, Paris II (enlarge for detail). Love these French "passages"

Passage Panoramas (Inside View), Paris – Source


Art Nouveau architecture, Paris: Reaumur-Sebastopol metro entrance

Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro Entrance, Paris – Source


Cherry blossoms in Paris | Unique Ideas for a #Honeymoon to #France

Cherry blossoms in Paris – Source


'Cafe Le Marais' by night ~ Paris, France

Cafe Le Marais in Night, Paris – Source


A picturesque cobbled street in Montmartre, Paris:

A Picturesque Cobbled Street in Montmartre, Paris – Source


L'esprit Montmartre en 50 superbes photos More:

L’esprit Montmartre, Paris – Source


Rue Lamarck, Montmarte - Paris, France. I loved Paris. Riding the metro was so convenient! Watch for pickpockets!!:

Rue Lamarck, Montmarte, Paris – Source



Beautiful View of Paris – Source


the Père-Lachaise cemetery:

Peaceful Paris – Source


Fireworks over Paris. More:

Fireworks in Paris – Source

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