Power Snacks For Studying

Like cheese and crackers? Try this twist on the classic snack. Pair slices of low-fat cheese such as Cabot 75 percent reduced fat cheese or Kraft 2 percent milk cheese with slices of seedless cucumber. “The water and crunch of the cucumber balances the richness of salt and fat in the cheese and has fewer calories than full-fat cheese and crackers,” says Krieger. Try to stick to three or four 1-ounce slices of cheese for this snack.

Mason Jar Hummus Snack:
It is an easy and quick recipe to make In few minutes. It is a healthy yet yummy snack, and light in a weight too. So you can easily take at the time of studying. You need few vegetables like carrot, cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon drops and chickpeas for making hummus, grind them until they become smooth then pour them in Mason jar then arrange carrot and celery sticks on top.

Roasted Chickpeas:
One of the most yummy any quick snack, which is healthy too. It can be made in salt and sugar also, depends on your taste. Chickpeas are rich in fiber. Include them in your diet. You can roast chickpeas in different ways. Make them with honey, garlic or indulge some spice, taste is yours.

Avocado and Chocolate Pudding:
For those who don’t like Avocados, this one is the best desert, full of antioxidants, you can say it energize dessert. You will not get the taste of avocado because the presence of honey and chocolate. It will worth making this pudding and also including in your snack routine. You will be addicted to it.

Peanut Butter Dip:
This marvelous dip has only three ingredients and will take your five minutes approx. It is the magical power dip which can be eaten with any fruit, you will find it more delicious with apple slices. Add yogurt, peanut butter and honey stir them well until you get smooth dip. You can take it with cookies, crackers or pretzels.

Delicious Granola Bars
The quarter piece of this healthy snack will keep you full for hours. You can get fats from peanut butter and almonds, while oats are full of fibre and last but not the least dates are most healthy ingredient in this delicious bar.

Blueberries Wrapped in Yogurt:
Make lots of yogurt wrapped blueberries in your exam season, will be a great snack while studying. Clean and wash the blueberries, dip and swirl them in Greek yogurt with the help of tooth pick and gather them in a flat tray which should be covered already with parchment paper. Now freeze it for about 1 hour and save them in zipper bag. Enjoy this snack for whole exam season.

Delicious Avocado Toast:
Simple and healthy recipe to energize your body, It is best snack after any work out, light in a weight and easy to make. Simply mashed the avocado pulp and spread it over toast add some spice according to taste.

Roasted Crispy Pumpkin Seeds:
Pumpkin seeds are good source of protein, Vitamin E and B complex, Magnesium and Zinc. Separate the seeds and dry them, toss them with seasoning and put them in oven until they become crispy and brown. Now they are ready to eat.