Sliding Penguin Ideas for Christmas Found on Pinterest

Sliding Penguins– Found on Pinterest it says “Penguin snow slide! I put garland down first, then lights, then fluffy snow. The garland helps attach the snow. I sewed a piece of thread through the back of each penguin and then around the banister to hold them upright.”

Decorate for the holiday season in style with inspiring DIY ideas to designer decorations brimming with holiday charm, filling your home with the magical spirt of Christmas. A great way to begin your holiday decorating is to build on your past holiday collections, acquire some new items for inspiration and mix and match with what you already have. For example, if this year you are in the mood for a white Christmas inspired decor scheme, just infuse some items that are dusted with white. Fir tree branches dusted with white snow can be tucked into baskets filled with wood or small presents.

Penguin snow slide - the snow will stick to the garland then sew a thread through each penguin and tie around the banister. Easy christmas decoration for the stairs!:

Penguin snow slide – Source

Sliding Penguins on Banister with Lights | DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make:

Sliding Penguins on Banister with Lights – Source

DIY Penguin Sledding Slide Christmas decorations

DIY Penguin Sledding Slide Christmas decorations – Source

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