Some Delicious Recipes Having Almonds

Do you love food? Found some delicious recipes which are made using Almonds. Today, almonds nutrition benefits are praised around the world, and they are used in numerous different ways: eaten raw as a healthy snack; as the base ingredient in almond butter, almond milk or almond flour; and even in many body lotions and fragrances. Cholesterol reduction is the most celebrated health benefit of almonds, but there are many other vital health benefits of almonds nutrition.

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies - easily the BEST cookies to make for Christmas!:

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies – Source


Almond Orange Florentines Recipe... You only need four ingredients to make these easy Almond and Orange Florentines. These florentines are so delicious and addictive and I definitely will be baking this again!:

Almond Orange Florentines – Source


Classic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls

Classic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls – Source


This easy recipe for almond flour biscotti yields 2 dozen gluten-free cookies—perfect for dipping in coffee or hot chocolate on a cold day.:

Almond Flour Biscotti – Source


Cherry Almond Bundt Cake recipe

Cherry Almond Bundt Cake – Source


Vegan Cherry Almond Cake:

Vegan Cherry Almond Cake – Source


Almond Toffee Bars recipe - so delicious and easy to make!

Almond Toffee Bars – Source


Almond Butter Cookies - Gluten Free, Sugar Free -

Almond Butter Cookies – Source


Vegan Almond Milk Pepper Jack Cheese

Vegan Almond Milk Pepper Jack Cheese – Source


Easy Almond Cake - oh goodness this looks yummy. Love the marzipan!:

Easy Almond Cake – Source


Apple "Cookies" - An after school snack they'll love. Use almond butter instead of peanut!:

Apple Cookies – Source


Almond-Crusted Halibut with Lemon Garlic Butter:

Almond-Crusted Halibut with Lemon Garlic Butter – Source


Toasted Coconut & Fig Almond Milk Smoothie chock full of protein + fiber. Gluten-free & Paleo-friendly, dairy-free recipe filled with real, raw ingredients.:

Toasted Coconut & Fig Almond Milk Smoothie – Source


This recipe for chicken almond ding is a stir fry full of chicken, veggies and crunchy almonds, all tossed in a savory sauce. The perfect healthy dinner that's ready in a flash!

Chicken Almond Stir Fry – Source


Fig Cake with marcona almonds. Looks just like the one sold at whole foods. Can't wait to try:

Fig Cake with Marcona Almonds – Source


Almond Cream Cake ~ Light, moist and velvety, this cake has a homemade cooked, whipped frosting that pairs perfectly with the almond cake.:

Almond Cream Cake – Source


Almond, ricotta and lemon cake gluten free and easy!:

Almond Ricotta and Lemon Cake – Source


Maraschino Cherry Almond Bread:

Maraschino Cherry Almond Bread – Source


Almond Crescents are crazy good cookies. Finely ground almonds and old fashioned rolled oats make them very special.:

Almond Crescents – Source


Almond Cookies | Recipes | Beyond Diet:

Almond Cookies – Source





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