Top Ten Nature’s Mysteries Around The World


It is 2016 and we have come a long way in the progress of human race. From the invention of the wheel to the Mars Rover in Mars, we have exponentially surged in our knowledge of the universe as we know it. Haven’t we? WRONG! We have barely scratched the surface. Our own Earth has so many mysteries unsolved let alone of other planets. Here, we will take a look at some of the weirdest stuff thrown in our way to bewilder us.

1.Sailing Stones of Death Valley, California:
No one knows what cause these stones to “sail” in the desert valley. These tracks signify that the stones mysteriously slide on the ground, sometimes curving or making a straight path. One thing is confirmed. These stones glide WITHOUT any external help from animals or humans. This geological mystery is still puzzling scientists to this day.

2.Taos Hum:
One of the ongoing mysteries is the Taos Hum. Taos is a small town in New Mexico where a strange humming noise is often heard. Surprisingly this hum, which sounds like a distant diesel engine, is only heard by human ear. Various sound detection devices have been unable to pick it up. Many theories exist regarding covert CIA operations or aliens but whatever the truth is, no one has been able to find it.

3.Bermuda Triangle:
All hail the Bermuda Triangle. One of the most famous mysteries of the world, the Bermuda Triangle comprises of the island of Bermuda, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. Known for the large number of disappearances of planes and ships, the Bermuda Triangle has been termed the Devil’s Triangle and has a significant place in popular culture. Pilots tell of their instruments and devices malfunctioning when entering these waters, and various ships have been mysteriously lost at sea. Explanations range from scientific (formation of methane gas bubbles) to paranormal (ghosts of pirates and their crew) to the… surprise surprise! Aliens. To this day, no one has been sure of the reality.

When we talk about mysteries around the world, Stonehenge is sure to come. This prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England is one of the greatest mysteries still existing. The question isn’t about who constructed it but about why. Archeologists believe that it was built around from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is famous for its architectural sophistication of using interlocking joints (unseen at any other monument of the Neolithic Age or the Bronze Age). It is home to several burial grounds too. An iconic image of achievement, Stonehenge attracts thousands of visitors per year and is a special place to celebrate religious and cultural significance for many.

5.Atlantis, the Lost City:
The legend of Atlantis is indeed one of the most famous legends of all time. Atlantis was first talked about by Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher. In his writings Plato talked about a utopian civilization founded by half men half gods, where gold, silver and other precious metals and exotic wildlife was in abundance. Plato wrote that Atlantis existed 9000 years before his time even although the only record of this city is through his writings only. The underwater city legend still survives to this day and has been featured countless times in films and cartoons.

6.Nazca Lines:
Sometimes I wonder if the people in ancient times were really that primitive as we have been led to believe. The Nazca Lines are definitely one of the wonders of the ancients. These geoglyphs are in Peru, near the modern town of Nazca and they consist of 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs. The astonishing fact is that the Nazca Indians had no way of examining their work from above and yet they have made these images with an uncanny precision. There are various theories about their purpose including religious significance, astronomical significance or landing strips for aliens (somehow aliens never miss out an opportunity to show up in weird places). Nazca Lines have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Catatumbo, Venezuela:
A truly astonishing place, Catatumbo, Venezuela is most famous for its lightning storms. This location has the most lightning activity in the world throughout the year (almost 250 flashes per square kilometer). Anything over 12 lightning strikes per minute is deemed “excessive”. Catatumbo however receives 25 or more strikes per minute. And 200 nights per year, on top of all this. This is indeed a spectacular phenomenon which leaves the travelers wide eyed when they watch the amazing sight.

8.Derweze, Turkmenistan:
Near the Derweze village in Turkmenistan, this crater was a natural gas field. In 1971, geologists discovered a large underground cavern of natural gas. They lit it on fire hoping to clear out the gas in a few hours to save their equipment and to prevent the spread of methane gas. Yet they didn’t know about the catch. From 1971 to date, the gas field has been continuously burning. It is one of the largest gas reserves in the world. A popular tourist attraction spot, it is one of the most spectral sights, aptly named as the Doorway to Hell.

9.Gobekli Tepe, Turkey:
You thought the Stonehenge was old? Guess what, the Gobekli Tepe predates Stonehenge by 7000 years. This site astounds archaeologists from all around the world. It dates back to 10,000 BC when people were hunters and farmers. And yet, this is also another example of unexplained advancements in prehistoric people. How were these people even able to move pillars weighing upto 20 tons? The pyramids are mysterious because of the same reason, but this site is 7000 years older than the pyramids themselves. The Gobekli Tepe is now the oldest religious site discovered till date.


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