What is the first thing that you check to see if you are looking great?? That’s right, your hair. When looking at yourself in the mirror, you instinctively check your hair first to see whether it’s on point or not. And if it is, then you just feel like your day is going to be good. Haircut styles have been really varied in the past years from downright outrageous to elegantly simple. But no matter what your personal preference would be, the classics and the vintage styles have always been highly regarded every time. Simply because you don’t have to sacrifice comfort over attractiveness. Below are some of those hairstyles which will look good on boys every time and everywhere.



  1. Comb Over:
    Comb over or side part, call it whatever you want, has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time. Its popularity is based on the fact that it is quite simple and makes for a great look for business or personal use, practically everywhere. You can try various combinations of comb over with undercuts of or fades of various lengths.

  1. Pompadour:
    Pompadour has been a hugely popular vintage haircut. This particular hairstyle may vary from person to person according to their facial proportions but the essence is always there. A small, round face may be more adapted for a longer pompadour hairstyle while long faces may go for the shorter, classic one. For best results, ask a decent barber what would suit you best.

  1. Angular Fringe:
    The angular fringe is similar to undercut and pompadour in that the sides are cut short while the top is kept long. The main difference is that the fringe hangs over the forehead. This fringe can be cut from multiple angles hence the “angular” fringe. For boys with round faces, the angular fringe is excellent for them as it gives the impression of increased length of the faces.

  1. Faux Hawk:
    The Faux Hawk is bold hairstyle dating back to the punk rock movement. However with the right technique, it can still do wonders for your look. It is like a Mohawk but only partially. The Faux Hawk hairstyle consists of short sides with top hair kept long and either spiked or pointed. It is guaranteed to capture attention wherever you go.

  1. Spiky:
    The ever popular spikes. Short spikes have been around for quite a long time among boys and men. Spikes are one of the most common and perhaps one of the easiest styles to make. Probably because of the fact that all you need is a little gel and some imagination. Just let your fingers run through you hair slick with gel and you will easily rock that messy hairstyle.

  1. Undercut:
    One of the most popular modern haircuts is the undercut. The undercut consists of the sides and the back of the head cut short but the top is kept relatively long. It differs from the fade style in only the length of the hair on top. Undercut can then be combined with comb overs, slick backs, pompadours and various others.

  1. Quiff:
    The quiff isn’t really that different from the pompadour. The one defining feature of this particular hairstyle is that the hair on top is brushed forward instead of backwards like in the pompadour. The quiff can be combined with fade or it can even be left messy to give you a really cool look. It is one of the most popular “short sides, long top” hairstyles.

  1. Buzzcut:
    The buzz cut is one of the classic haircuts of men which is characterized by short hair all around. The most defining benefit of this haircut is the ease in maintaining and styling your hair because, obviously there isn’t much to do here. You wake up in the morning and your hair is already done… in a way. The buzz cut works with almost anything and it has been quite popular among men and boys for a long time.

  1. Slicked Back:
    The slicked back haircut is regaining its popularity during the past few years. This style started first in the 1950s, back when men wanted to try something new other than the traditional hairstyles. Actors such as Sean Connery and Jimmy Stewart brought this style into mainstream. It practically emits classiness and elegance and is a great choice for boys and men alike.

  1. Crew Cut:
    The name “crew cut” came from the Ivy League crew teams who did not want to be bothered by continuously brushing the hair out of their faces. Crew cut differs from buzz cut in that only the hair on top is kept a little long while the rest is clipped short. For people who are into sports and other physical activities, this cut is definitely for them. Because of the short length, there is much effort put into styling except for the fact that you would have to go to the barber’s often to maintain this style. But other than that, it works well with almost every look.

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